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Tendring Hundred

Hundred in the County of Essex

Historical Forms

  • Tenderinga 1086 DB
  • Tendringa ib.
  • Tendringe 1190 P 1274 FF
  • Tendrig(g)e 1191,1192,1193 P
  • Tenregge 1198 CurR
  • Tenrigg' 1230 P
  • Tengrige 1230 MemoKR
  • Terring' 1242 P


For further forms and the etymology v. Tendringinfra 351.The hundred met on Tendring Heath infra 352, formerly Hundred Heath, which is approximately central. v. EAS xviii, 180. In 1341 (Pat) we have an interesting reference to the place of meeting in which we hear that the sheriff's tourn was at Tendryngshameles . In this name shameles or 'shambles' must refer to the benches on which the members of the court sat.Cf. Shamwell Hundred (PN K 107), DB Essamels , 1226 Ass Shamele (s ).