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Early-attested site in the Parish of Warter

Historical Forms

  • Dioresdun 12th,13th Warter
  • Vtterderesdun(e), Haymderesdun(e) ib.


Dearsden (6″) is Dioresdun 12th, 13thWarter , Vtterderesdun (e ), Haymderesdun (e )ib. 'Dēor 's hill,' v. dun . The prefixed elements are ME  utter 'outer, more distant,' and OScand  heim 'home' (presumably in the contrasting sense 'nearer'), as in Hollows infra 170. This use of heim (except in Hollows itself) has hitherto not been noted. It has its English parallel in such names as Homewood (PN Sx 258) and Holmwood (PN Sr 271) and a Scandinavian parallel in the Dan place-name Hemfenner (DaSN (Sj) iii, 253).