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Early-attested site in the Parish of Warter

Historical Forms

  • Erghes 1150–60 Melsa
  • Herghes 1156,13th Meaux
  • Erges 13th ib
  • Sutherghes 1199 Warter
  • totam terram de Herghes que appellatur Blanch 1156 Meaux


Arras (lost) is Erghes 1150–60 Melsa, Herghes 1156, 13thMeaux freq , Erges 13th ib., Sutherghes 1199Warter . 'The shielings,' v. erg . Cf. Introd. xxiv. In the 13th century this name went into disuse and was replaced by Blanch infra . The identification is made certain by references to totam terram de Herghes que appellatur Blanch 1156Meaux 66, Erghes inter Northdaltonam et Wartrenomen ei Blaunchemarle Melsa i, 101.