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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kingston upon Hull

Historical Forms

  • Sumergang(e) t.John YD 13th StoweCh c.1270 ib
  • Somergang(e) 1261 Selby 1585 FF
  • Someryonge 1282 YI
  • Suttecotessomergang' 1303 YI
  • Somergames 1605 FF


Summergangs is Sumergang (e )t. John YD, 13thStoweCh , c. 1270 ib., Somergang (e )1261 Selbyet freq to 1585 FF, Someryonge 1282 YI, Suttecotessomergang '1303 YI, Somergames 1605 FF. 'Road which could be used only in summer,' from OE  sumor or OScand  sumar and OE , OScand  gang 'road, track.'The form yonge is without doubt to be derived from Old Northumbrian geong 'going, journey,' etc., which survived until the beginning of the 14th century (v. NED s.v. yong ).