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Inglemire (occasionally Igglemire)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Kingston upon Hull

Historical Forms

  • Illemere 1282 YI
  • Yghelmar' 1322 Hom
  • Igglesmyre (sic) c.1325 Dugd
  • Iglemere 1408,1415 YI
  • Inglemere 1408 YI
  • the Igglemire 1790 Deed


Inglemire (occasionally Igglemire) is Illemere 1282 YI, Yghelmar '1322 Hom, Igglesmyre (sic)c. 1325 Dugd, Iglemere 1408, 1415 YI, Inglemere 1408 YI, the Igglemire 1790Deed .For this name Dr G. Knudsen suggests a compound of an OScand word cognate with Dan , Norw  igle 'leech' and mere 'pool.' The later Ingle - forms are due to the influence of the common word ingle 'nook' or place-names like Ingleton (WRY), Ingleby (NRY), etc.