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Frome Cranchen

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stinsford

Historical Forms

  • Frome Cranchen 1774 Hutch1 1863 Hutch3
  • Frome Crauazoun 1309 FF
  • Frome Cranchyn 1433 ib
  • Frome Cronchen 1532 ib
  • 'a wood called Frome Kempston or Banters' 1774 Hutch1


Frome Cranchen (lost), Frome Cranchen 1774 Hutch1, 1863 Hutch3, Frome Crauazoun (for Cranazoun ) 1309 FF, Frome Cranchyn 1433 ib, Frome Cronchen 1532 ib, 'a wood called Frome Kempston or Banters 'n.d. (1774) Hutch1; like prec. in manor of Frome Whitfield infra , named from Robert le Craneson n.d. Hutch3, cf. Walter de Cranetun , Walter le Cranetun 1288 Banco, Robert de Cranestone , Robert (le ) Cranesson 1289–1291 ib, Cristine Cransun 1327SR , Thomas Cranthon 1340 NI (the two last connected with Bradford P. par. supra ). The form Panters (from the surname Panter ) no doubt survives in Painter's Barn (SY 708932), which bears out the statement in Hutch1 1 396 that Frome Cranchen lay near the (old) bounds of Stinsford.