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Milborne Michelston

Early-attested site in the Parish of Milborne St Andrew

Historical Forms

  • Mul(e)bo(u)rn(e) Michel(e)ston(e), Mul(e)burn Michel(e)ston(e) 1316 FF 1325 Orig 1326 Misc 1328 FF 1335 Pat
  • Mul(e)burn Mychelston 1392 ib
  • Mulbourne als. Milborn Michelston 1325 Inqaqd
  • Michelston 1412 FA
  • Mylbourn(e) Mychel(e)ston 1417 FF 1544 PlR
  • Michaelstone 1795 Boswell


Milborne Michelston (lost), Mul (e )bo (u )rn (e ) Michel (e )ston (e ), Mul (e )burn Michel (e )ston (e )1316 FF, 1325 Orig, 1326 Misc, 1328 FF, 1335 Pat, Mul (e )burn Mychelston 1392 ib, Mulbourne als. Milborn Michelston 1325 Inq aqd, Michelston 1412 FA, Mylbourn (e ) Mychel (e )ston 1417 FF, 1544PlR , Michaelstone 1795 Boswell, v. par. name supra ; its location is unknown, but it is perhaps to be associated with Michel 's farm 1611 Hutch3 which is said to be in Milborne Mamford (v. prec.), Milborne Bek (v. Milborne Stileham par. supra ) and Milborne Deverel (v. Deverel Fm supra ). The affix is no doubt manorial, cf. John Michel 1332 SR (Dewlish), Richard Michell de Milborne S 'ce Androwes 1578HarlCh , v. tūn ; for a later family of this name hereabouts, v. Mr Michel's Fm in Dewlish par. supra .