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Puddletown Hundred

Hundred in the County of Dorset

Historical Forms

  • Pideletone hundret c.1086 GeldR
  • Pideleton'- hundredum 1188 P
  • hundredum de Pid(d)elton 1199,1210 1428 FA
  • hundr' de Pideleton 1212,1227 Fees 1256 FF 1275 RH
  • hundred of Deuelissh, hundred of Deuelysh 1337,1354 Pat
  • Hundr' de Deulich 1520 PlR
  • Leberty of Devl', Liberty of Diulish 1641 Ilch
  • Piddlehinton Liberty 1795 Boswell
  • Liberty of Piddle Hinton 1664 HTax


Named from Puddletown which was the caput of the hundred and to which manor it was annexed (Anderson 117). For a possible meeting-place of the hundred, v. the lost f.n. Modbergh in Puddletown par. infra , cf. also domus vocat ' le Hundred House 1625Wal .