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Ryme Extrinseca

Early-attested site in the Parish of Long Bredy

Historical Forms

  • Ryme Extrinseca 1870 Hutch3
  • the manor of Out-Ryme 1443 Hutch3
  • Out Ryme 1603–25 LRMB
  • Out Rime c.1620 DCMSurv
  • the mannor of Ryme extrinsecus 1569 AD
  • Ryme Extrinsecus in Longebredy 1638 DCMCt
  • mannor of Long Bredie alias Ryme Extrinseca 1651 ParlSurv
  • Out-Ryme, or Ryme Extrinsecus 1774 Hutch1


Ryme Extrinseca (lost), Ryme Extrinseca 1870 Hutch3, 'the manor of Out -Ryme ' 1443 Hutch3, Out Ryme 1603–25LRMB , Out Rime c.1620DCMSurv , the mannor of Ryme extrinsecus 1569AD , Ryme Extrinsecus in Longebredy 1638DCMCt , mannor of Long Bredie alias Ryme Extrinseca 1651ParlSurv , Out -Ryme , or Ryme Extrinsecus 1774 Hutch1, so called to distinguish it from the par. of Ryme Intrinseca infra , from Lat  extrinseca 'outside, lying outside the bounds' (alternating with English out ).According to Hutch3 2188 this manor 'consisted of a moiety of the manors of Long-Bridy, Langton Herring, and several lands in Hermitage, Hammoon, and Sturminster Newton', v. also Hutch1 1 297, 2 485, Hutch3 4 491, Langton Herring par. supra and cf. par. name, Dowerfield and Hallings all supra .