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Fodder Fen, Fodder Fen Drove

Early-attested site in the Parish of Wicken


Fodder Fen, Fodder Fen Drove (6″). Cf. (treys acres de ) fodder fen 1345Cart Misc , the fother fenn 1541Spinney , Fodder Fen c. 1840TA . A fen from which fodder was obtained. Cf. Frith Fensupra 179 and fenfoder 1356Extent (Stretham and Wisbech), 'tithes of grain, hay, thacke and ffoder '1540MinAcct (Waterbeach), Fodderfen 1326 ib. (Waterbeach), le fodderfen 1431Peterhouse (Haddenham), fodderfen 1406ElyF (Lakenheath, Sf). In Lincolnshire we have the term thacfother , of doubtful significance, but probably a payment for licence to cut rushes or for the relaxation of thatching services (Croyland 93).