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Mettleham Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Soham

Historical Forms

  • Metlehom c.1280 Pembroke
  • Metleham 1343–49 MinAcct
  • Mettlham 1397 Ct
  • Mettilham 1397,1404 ib
  • Mittilham 1397 ib
  • Metlam 1503 Pembroke 1588 Fenlandiv
  • Meatlam 17th AdvL
  • Great, Little Metland 1636 BedL


Mettleham Fm is Metlehom c. 1280Pembroke , Metleham ib., 1343–49MinAcct , Mettlham 1397Ct , Mettilham 1397, 1404 ib., Mittilham 1397 ib., Metlam 1503Pembroke , 1588 Fenland iv, Meatlam 17thAdvL , Great , Little Metland 1636 BedL. This is not an easy name.It may possibly be from OE  middel , 'middle' and ham(m). There was a lost Littleham in the parish, forms for which are given under Ham Corner infra 202. This may have been on the far side of Mettleham from Barcham. Cf. Mitley (PN Nth 68), Mittelowehul t. Hy 3, probably from middel .