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Clipsall Field, Clipsall Corner

Early-attested site in the Parish of Soham


Clipsall Field, Clipsall Corner. Cf. Clippeshal (e ), Clyppeshal (e )1262AD et freq to 1364MinAcct , Clypsale (fen ), Clipsale (fen )1324StJohn 's et freq to 1397Ct , Clipsalefelde 1467Pembroke , Clippsalls 1601Eg , Clipsall feild 1654Pembroke , Clipsall Corner 1687BLAcct . 'Clipp 's nook,' v. healh . For this Anglo-Scandinavian personal name cf. Clipston(e) (PN BedsHu 122, PN Nth 111, PN Nt 73) and also Clippeshull '1228FF (in Melbourn), Clippescroft c. 1280Hosp (in Ashley).