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Blockmoor Fen

Early-attested site in the Parish of Soham

Historical Forms

  • Blokmoor 1397 Ct
  • Blakemere 1415 ib
  • the Block Fen 1814 Pembroke
  • Blackmoor Fen c.1825 O.S.
  • Blockmoor c.1840 TA


Blockmoor Fen is Blokmoor 1397Ct , Blakemere 1415 ib., the Block Fen 1814Pembroke , Blackmoor Fen c. 1825 O.S., Blockmoor c. 1840TA . Probably 'black marsh,' but in this name, as in Blockmoor Fen, Block Moors, Block Feninfra 241, 230, 250 and Block Fen Droveway supra 132, there are difficulties. ME and EME  forms in blok - may go back to OE  blāc which is found side by side with the more usual blæc , 'black,' used of the dark peat-coloured marsh. They may equally well go back to OE  blāc , 'pale,' but these are peat fens and black, and when covered with undergrowth, green.