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Lambwoodhill Common

Early-attested site in the Parish of Shinfield

Historical Forms

  • Lomwode (p), Lomwde e.13th ArchJ
  • Lambwude 1241 Ass
  • Lambewode 1409 BM
  • (communia vocata) Lambewodhill 1542 MinAcc
  • Lombewood Hill 1552 LRMB
  • Lambwood Hill 1761 Rocque 1790 Pride
  • Lambwood Common 1846 Snare


Lambwoodhill Common, Lomwode (p), Lomwde e. 13th ArchJ 2, Lambwude 1241Ass (p), Lambewode 1409 BM, (communia vocata ) Lambewodhill 1542MinAcc , Lombewood Hill 1552LRMB , Lambwood Hill 1761 Rocque, 1790 Pride, Lambwood Common 1846 Snare; 'loam wood' is perhaps more probable than 'lamb wood', but confusion with lamb has taken place at an early date. v. lām , wudu .