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Diddenham Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Shinfield

Historical Forms

  • Dideham 1224–5 Ass 13th ReadingC
  • Didenham 1224–5 Ass 1345 Cl
  • Dydeham 1248–9 Ass
  • Dydenham 1294 SR 1349 Ipm
  • Didenham Fm 1761 Rocque
  • Diddenham Manor Fm 1846 Snare


Diddenham Fm, Dinheham c. 1190, Didenam 1195, Didenham c. 1195, Dideham c. 1200 all HMC 9th Rep 1, Dideham 1224–5Ass (p), 13thReadingC , Didenham 1224–5Ass (p), 1345 Cl, Dydeham 1248–9Ass (p), Dydenham 1294SR (p), 1349 Ipm, Didenham Fm 1761 Rocque, Diddenham Manor Fm 1846 Snare. The second el. is probably hamm , as the farm is on low ground near Foudry Brook. For the first, the forms clearly suggest a pers.n. Dida , but no such name is on record; the name *Dydda is well-evidenced in Gl (Gl 2, 9), and the recorded Dudda occurs in Didcot (Pt 2).