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Ruddles Pool

Early-attested site in the Parish of Clewer

Historical Forms

  • Rodelespole 1286 Cl
  • Bodelespole 1340 Hearne 1711
  • Ridleys Poole Eliz RentSur
  • Riddel Pole l.16th Ashmole
  • Rydles Poole 1607 Norden
  • Ridlespoole 1640 SpecCom
  • Ruddles Poole 1640 SpecComMap
  • Ruddlespole 1711 Hearne


Ruddles Pool, Rodelespole 1286 Cl, Bodelespole 1340 (1711) Hearne, Ridleys Poole ElizRentSur , Riddel Pole l. 16th Ashmole, Rydles Poole 1607Norden , Ridlespoole 1640SpecCom , Ruddles Poole 1640Spec ComMap , Ruddlespole 1711 Hearne. This is a pool in the Thames, and the second el. is pōl in the sense 'pool in a river'. The first may be an unrecorded pers.n. perhaps Hrōdel , with the diminutive suffix -el . Alternatively, Professor Löfvenberg suggests the gen. of a compound p.n. *Hrēodlēah 'reed clearing'.