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Ripplesmere Hundred

Hundred in the County of Berkshire

Historical Forms

  • Riplesmer(e) 1086 DB
  • Riplesmere c.1200 ClaudiusCix 1242 P 1391 Ipm
  • Ripplesmere 1224–5,1284 Ass 1316 FA 1327 SR
  • Ryplesmere 1284 Ass
  • Rypplesmer' 1332 SR
  • Ripplemere 1184,1195 P 1225 Ass
  • Rippemere 1189 P
  • Ripemere 1190 ib
  • Rippesmere 1275–6 RH


'Pool of the ripel ', v. mere . OE  rip(p)el probably means 'strip', corresponding to Norwegian ripel . It occurs in a number of p.ns. and has been taken to mean 'strip of wood' (cf. He dialect ripple 'small coppice or thicket') and 'tongue of land', the latter topographically appropriate in the case of Ripple (Wo 158).