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Major Settlement in the Parish of Pontefract

Historical Forms

  • Taddenesscylf 947 ASC 11 D
  • Taddenessclyf c.1137 SD
  • Tatessella, Tateshal(l)e, Tateshalla 1086 DB
  • Tanessolf 1165–75 YCh1598
  • Tanesolf(e) 1258 YI
  • Tan(e)self 1255–8 YDi,170 1353 YDxvi,99
  • Thanschelf 1296 LacyComp
  • Tans(c)helf(e) 1256 DodsN 1257 Ch 1296 LacyComp 1335 FF 1341 Surv 1619 DodsN
  • Tamschelf 1368 MinAcct
  • Tanshall 1535 VE
  • Tanshill 1546 YChant


'Tædden's shelf of land', v. scelf ; the OE  spelling with scylf (as well as the erratic form -sclyf in SD) is WSax (v. EPN ii, 106, 5).The OE  pers.n. Tædden is not on independent record, but it could be a derivative with an -en suffix (cf. IPN 171) of the pers.n. Tad (d )a (as in Tadcaster pt. iv infra ). The late OE spelling may not be reliable, cf. Ekwall, Studies 12. The contraction to Tan - is noteworthy, v. Addenda.