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Blind or Spittal Hardwick

Early-attested site in the Parish of Pontefract

Historical Forms

  • Herd(e)wic 12,c.1196,1251 Pont
  • Spitle Hardwick(e) 1294 DodsN 1556 WillY
  • Spittell Herdwike 1535 VE
  • Blynd Hardwick(e), Blind(e) Hardwick(e) 1584 WillY 1631 Ramsd 1722 PontCD
  • Blind Hardwick or Spital Hardwick 1822 Langd


Blind or Spittal Hardwick, Herd (e )wic 12, c. 1196, 1251 Pont, Spitle Hardwick (e )1294 DodsN, 1556 WillY, Spittell Herdwike 1535 VE, Blynd Hardwick (e ), Blind (e ) Hardwick (e )1584 WillY, 1631Ramsd , 1722PontCD 664, Blind Hardwick or Spital Hardwick 1822 Langd. 'Herd farm', v. heorde-wīc, cf. East Hardwick 72supra , from which it is distinguished as Spittal (v. spitel ) since it belonged to the Hospital of St Nicholas in Pontefract (called Spitle 1294 DodsN xi, 48, le Spitill 1384MinAcct 507, the Spitell 1424 Rent, Spitle Hedge 1712WYEnr 68, cf. YAJ xi, 48, Pont ii, 502), and also as Blind (v. blind ) because there is no thoroughfare through the hamlet.