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Major Settlement in the Parish of Doncaster

Historical Forms

  • Ballebi, Balleby 1086 DB 1180–5 YChviii c.1180–1200 1196–1201 1230–40 Bodl34 1254 Pat 1368 FF
  • Ballesbi 1086 DB
  • Balby 1353 YDxii,244 1366 FF 1596 FF


'Balli's farmstead', v. . The pers.n. might be identical with ODan  Balli (DaGP s.n.), though it has been suggested that the latter is probably an assimilated form of Balde (which also occurs as ON  Baldi , OSwed  Balde , cf. LindN 108); the pers.n. in Balby could also be the ON  byname Balli , gen.sg. Balla , from the ON  adj. ballr 'bold'; cf. the OSwed  p.n. Ballaby (Lundgr 21).