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Early-attested site in the Parish of Doncaster

Historical Forms

  • Grymssale 1543 DoncCrt
  • Grimsalling 1557 Surv
  • Crimpsall 1573 Ct
  • Crymsal(l) 1579 DoncD 1596 FF
  • Crumsall 1610 ib
  • Crumpsall 1843 TA


Crimpsall, Grymssale 1543DoncCrt 7, Grimsalling 1557Surv , Crimpsall 1573 Ct, Crymsal (l )1579DoncD 99, 1596 FF, Crumsall 1610 ib, Crumpsall 1843TA . The material is not decisive, but as Crimpsall denotes a piece of flat ground in a bend of the Don, the second el. is probably halh used in that sense; the first el. may be some derivative of crumb 'crooked' or be crymel 'a pool' (cf. Crimsworth iii, 200). Initial G - for C - in some spellings is scribal, and Grimsalling contains eng 'meadow'.