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Early-attested site in the Parish of Doncaster

Historical Forms

  • Estorp, Hestorp 1086 DB
  • Hext(h)orp(e) 1246 Ass31 1279 YI 1335 FF 1339 Ass4 1414 Testi
  • Hexthrope 1577 DoncD
  • Hextrop(e) 1605,1624 FF
  • Heythorp 1254 Pat 1503 FF
  • Exthorp(e) 1499 Ipm 1535 VE 1546 WillY
  • Exterop 1582 FF
  • Extropp 1596 ib
  • Hexthorpe als. Exthropp 1586 FF


'Hegg's outlying farmstead', v. þorp . No ON  pers.n. Hek (k )r is known, but it might be assumed from such ON  derivative pers.ns. as Hekingr , Heklingr . It is, however, preferable to derive the p.n. from the rare but recorded OIcel  Heggr (gen.sg. Heggs ), which is also found in some Norw p.ns. (LindN) and is related to OSwed  Hægge , ODan  Heggi (DaGP s.n.); the assimilation of Hegg - to Hek - in the gen.sg. is normal.