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Tadnoll Dairy, Tadnoll Mill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chaldon Herring

Historical Forms

  • Tadenhole 1281 Banco
  • Tadenoll 1394 Weld1
  • Taten(h)al(l)(e)smyll, Tatenhallismyll, Taten(h)al(l)(e)smill, Tatenhallismill 1455–1490 Weld1
  • Tad(d)ynolle(s)myll 1463–1473 Weld1
  • Tadnoll Mill 1663,1682 Weld1
  • Tadknowle Mill 1663 Weld1


Tadnoll Dairy, Tadnoll Mill (SY 792869), Tadenhole 1281 Banco, Tadenoll 1394Weld 1, Taten (h )al (l )(e )smyll , Tatenhallismyll , Taten (h )al (l )(e )smill , Tatenhallismill 1455–1490Weld 1, Tad (d )ynolle (s )myll 1463–1473Weld 1, Tahenhallysmyll (sic)1498, Tatenolysmylle 1499Ct , molendin ' granifer ' apud Tadnoll 1562, Tadwell (sic)1587Russ , Tadnoll Mill 1663, 1682Weld 1, Tadknowle Mill 1663Weld 1. There can be no certainty about either the first or second el. of this name. The meaning may be 'toad infested nook or hollow' from tadde , tāde (gen.sg. -an , gen.pl. -ena ) and halh or hol 1 , either of which would be suitable topographically (the place is marshy and low-lying, in a bend of a river, and in the corner of the par.), cf. Frognal(l) K 279, 527. But some of the forms could be seen to contain OE  hnoll 'top of the head' (perhaps originally used, in a transferred sense, of Tadnoll Barrow in Owermoigne par. infra , a tumulus 600 yds N of Tadnoll Mill on the Owermoigne-Moreton bdy, cf. PNGl 1 10), and there may in fact be two different names here with the same first el. (heall 'hall' and wella 'well' have also influenced the forms). An alternative first el. (perhaps more likely than tadde , tāde if the second el. is hnoll ) is an OE  pers.n. Tāda (suggested for e.g. Tadlow Ca 66) or the OE  pers.n. Tāta (cf. Tattenhall Ch 497). Forms like Tatenhallesmyll could contain a surname Tatenhall taken from the place, but it is more likely they mean 'mill belonging to Tatenhall ', etc., v. myln ; for earlier references to a mill in Chaldon Herring (though not necessarily this one), v. Mill Stream infra .