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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wolverley

Historical Forms

  • Wulfferdinleh 866 BCS513 18th
  • Wlfwardilea, Wlfordilea 866 BCS514 11th
  • Wulfweardiglea 11th KCD766 11th
  • Ulwardelei, Ulwardelea 1086 DB c.1140 WoC c.1240
  • Wlfwardile 11th Heming
  • Wluardele(ge) 1227 FF 1240 WoP
  • Wolffardeleye 1275 SR
  • Wolwardeleye 1291 Tax
  • Wolvardelegh, Wolvardeley 1292,1321 Pat 1411 IpmR
  • Wolfordleye 1327 SR
  • Wolverley 1535 VE


In BCS 513 Wul (f )ferd makes an exchange of land at Wolverley with Burgred of Mercia and there can be little doubt that Wolverley was actually named from this very Wulferd , the full form of whose name was Wulfweard . The place was called in full Wulfweardinglēah . For the force of the connecting -ing , v. EPN. It is a good example of the use of -ing to denote simply 'having to do with' or 'possessed by.'