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Early-attested site in the Parish of Wolverley

Historical Forms

  • Conneshale 1240 WoP 1327 SR
  • Con(n)sall 1558 Wills 1649 Surv
  • Counsall 1614 WillsP
  • Cornsall c.1830 O


There can be no doubt that there was an OGer name-stem Kan -, found in various place-names such as Cannings (W) (Caningamersc ASC), and in the Flemish Caneghem, earlier Caningahem (Mansion, Oud -Gentsche Naamkunde 27). See further Förstemann, ON i. 1641–2. It may actually occur independently in OE Cana , Cane (Redin 88, 133) which are of doubtful origin. Can (n ) would be the strong form of this name and in the West Country we should expect Conn . The name is therefore 'Can(n)'s healh.'