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Early-attested site in the Parish of Wolverley

Historical Forms

  • Culnan clif 964 BCS1134 11th
  • Culleclive, Culla clife 11th Heming 1166 WoC c.1240 WoP 1240
  • Colecliff 1275 SR
  • Cookley 1608 QSR 1649 Surv
  • Cookecliffe 1649 Surv


The first element looks like a pers. name Cūlna . Such a name is at least possible. On the basis of the pers. name Cūla , which may be assumed from Cooling (K), Culingas BCS 778, Culham (O), Culanham BCS 759, and Cullanbyrig BCS 61, a name in -n - may well have been formed in the same way as the Tilne , Wilne and Lifne noted by Redin (160–1). Hence 'Culna's clif.'The cliff is above the Stour. See further Introd. xxiii.