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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kidderminster

Historical Forms

  • Trinpelei 1086 DB
  • Thrympelege 1255 Ass
  • Trympelege, Trimpeleye, Trympeley 1255 FF 1275 1550 Pat
  • Trumpeleye 1255 Ass 1281 Misc
  • Tryenpeleye 1275 SR
  • Trimpley 17th FF
  • Trempley 1787 Cary


This is a difficult name, but we are probably right in assuming that the first element is an OE  pers. name Trympa . This would seem to be a form, with i -mutation of the stem vowel, of the pers. name Trumpa which must lie behind Trumpington (C).This Trumpa is probably a pet-form for OE  Trumbeorht .Another derivative of this name-stem may lie behind Trimstone (D), Trempelstan in 1238, Trympeston in 1330.