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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kidderminster

Historical Forms

  • Frenesse 1086 DB
  • Frenysse 1249 FF
  • Frechene, Frenes 1275 Ass
  • Freynes 1275 SR
  • Fraynsh 1307 Ipm
  • Fraynysche 1421 BM
  • Franyshe 1545 Wills
  • Fraunche 1587 Wills


In explaining Fring (Nf), Professor Ekwall (PN in -ing 77) assumes a pet-form from OE  names in Frēa - to explain the early forms Frainges , Freing , Frenges of that name. Behind Franche we may have the same pers. name Frēa , followed in this case by æsc . Hence Frēanæsc , 'Frea's ash-tree.' The same pers. name may be found in Freeford (St), DBFraiforde , 12th c.Freiforde .