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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hartlebury

Historical Forms

  • Heortlabyrig 817 BCS361 17th KCD627 980 11th
  • Heortlanbyrig, Heortlaford 12th BCS1320 985 KCD653 11th
  • Huerteberie 1086 DB
  • Hurtlebery c.1086 EveB 1190
  • Hertlebery, Hertlebyr c.1150 Surv 1255 Ch
  • Hurklebery 1271 For
  • Heortelbury 1346 FA
  • Hurtlebury 1349 Bodl67


The first element in this name is a pers. name Heortla , a diminutive of a name derived from the common word heorot , 'hart,' cf. OGer Hirz and Hirzil in Förstemann PN 845. Hence 'Heortla's burh.' Cf. Hartlington (Y).