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Pepwell Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hartlebury

Historical Forms

  • Pepewell 1200,1201 Cur 1281 Wigorn 1332 FF
  • Peopewell 1274 ADiv 1339 ADv
  • Pepewall 1275 SR
  • Popewell 1331 FF c.1375 ADiv
  • Pip(e)well 1375 ADiii 1379 Cl
  • Peppewall 1463 IpmR
  • Pepwell 1649 Surv
  • Peppall, Pephall 1591 Wills, AD v


If we compare this name with the forms of Peopleton supra 216 it is clear that behind this name lies the pers. name Pypba found in the Mercian genealogy as the name of the father of Penda.From this would come a name Pyppa , hence 'Pyppa's spring,' v. wielle .