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Pansington Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hartlebury

Historical Forms

  • Punchamton 1221 Ass 1266
  • Poughamton 1275 SR 1299 RBB 18th
  • Punchampton 1275 Ass
  • Pouchampton 1327 SR


It is difficult to do anything with this name. The u of the second and fourth forms is presumably an error of transcription for n . If we take Punch - to be the correct form of the first part of the name, it should perhaps be associated with the first element in Ponsworthy (D), Puneceswurði in BCS 1323, and the first element taken to be the pers. name Punec (a ). Punec (a ) is a diminutive of the pers. name found in Poynings (Sx), cf. PN in -ing 62. The second element is hamtun .