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Chaddesley Corbett

Major Settlement in the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett

Historical Forms

  • Ceadresleahge 816 BCS356 11th
  • æt Ceadresleage, Cedresleage, Ceadesleage 816 BCS357 11th
  • Ceaddes Leage 11th Heming
  • Cedeslai 1086 DB
  • Chedłega 1167 P
  • Chedeslega 1167 P
  • Caddislega 1189 P
  • Cheddesle(ga) Hy2 Ch 1300 Ch 1270
  • Chaddesleye, Chadesley 1275 SR 1290 Ipm
  • Corbet 1431 FA
  • Cheddesley 1577 Saxton
  • Chedderley 1675 Ogilby


The first element in this name would seem to be a pers. name in which we have an r -extension of an earlier Ceadda or Ceadd , such as is dealt with under Pixham supra 225. Such an extension, if it be assumed, would suggest that this method of pers. name formation was still in use after the English settlement, for the name Ceadd (a ) must be of Celtic origin, though the palatalisa- tion suggests that the English must have become acquainted with it at a very early date, by what chance we know not. It is difficult to say how far the post-Conquest forms of this place- name (with the exception of the contracted form from the Pipe Roll) are to be explained as due to early loss of r or as from an alternative form of the name in which the unextended Ceadd is used. For such alternative forms cf. Chadwick in Hartlebury infra 243. The name then means 'clearing of Ceadder ' or 'of Ceadd .' See further Introd. xxiii.

The manor came into the possession of the Corbet family at the end of the 12th cent. (VCH iii. 38).