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Major Settlement in the Parish of Alvechurch

Historical Forms

  • Alviethe Cyrice, Aluieuecerche, Ælfiðe cyrce 11th Heming
  • Ælfgyðe cyrcan c.1200 BCS1320
  • Alvievecherche 1086 DB
  • Aluithechirche c.1086 EveB 1190 ClR 1212 WoC 1240 c.1240
  • Alvichech' 1208 Fees38
  • Alvinechurche 1244 FF
  • Alvechirche 1275 SR
  • Alvenechurch 1285 Pat
  • Alninechirch 1291 Tax
  • Alvynechirche 1292 Pat
  • Aumthechirche 13th ADi
  • Alderyche 1521 LP
  • Allchurch 16th Wills 1675 Ogilby


'The church of Ælfgȳð ,' with early confusion with another OE  woman's name, viz. Ælfgiefu , ME  Alvive . For Ælfgȳð cf. Elueþelond in Leigh (c. 1270). Forms which should have u or v have often been transcribed by editors as containing n . For this interesting example of an 'owned' church in the possession of a woman, cf. Mawer, Place-names and History 26. For similar reduction of the same OE name cf. Alveley (Sa), pronounced [ɑˑvli], and Aveley (Ess). It has developed differently in Allacott in Shebbear (D), Alvethecote in 1426.