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Wast Hills

Early-attested site in the Parish of Alvechurch

Historical Forms

  • æt Wærsetfelda 780 BCS234
  • Weorsethyll 849 BCS455 11th
  • Werstfeld, Wærsethyll 934 BCS701 11th
  • Warestel c.1086 EveB 1190
  • Wasthill 1221 Ass
  • Wasthull 1275 SR 1289 Wigorn 1305 Abbr 1357 Pat
  • Warstelle 1521,1531 LP
  • High Wastells 1546 ADiii
  • Waste Hills, Wastill c.1830 O


Professor Ekwall and Mr Bruce Dickins agree in suggesting that the first element here is the OE  weardsetl , already noted in Wassel Grove in Hagley supra 292 and Warshill Top and Wassell Wood in Kidderminster supra 253. Such an interpretation would suit the site. Wærsetfeld was the subject of a grant by Offa and it is clear from the topography of the charters that it was an estate in the neighbourhood of Wærsethyll .