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Sugarswell Barn

Early-attested site in the Parish of Tysoe, Upper, Middle and Lower

Historical Forms

  • Shokereswell 1318 Pat
  • Sugorswell 1517 Recov
  • Shuckerswell 1550 Pat
  • Sugarswell 1606 Recov
  • Suggerswell al. Sukerswell 1730 Recov
  • Socreswell c.1180 Magdalen
  • Sokereswelle 1253 FineR


Sugarswell Barn (6″) with Sugarswell Fm (just over the county boundary) is Shokereswell 1318 Pat, Sugorswell 1517Recov , Shuckerswell 1550 Pat, Sugarswell 1606Recov , Sugerswell 1611, Sugerswell al. Shukerswell 1653, 1680FF , Suggerswell al. Sukerswell 1730Recov , and was the home of Robert de Socreswell (c. 1180Magdalen ), Robert de Sokereswelle (1253 FineR), and possibly of Walter de Shokereswell of Ailstone (1332 SR). We have here the same first element as in scocera weg (BCS 479), later Shuger Waie (1591) near Sugar Hill in Wanborough (W) (see Grundy, The Saxon Land Charters of Wiltshire , 177) and Shootersway in Northchurch (Herts), Shokersweye 1357Rental .This is 'robbers' road' and the spring is doubtless 'robbers' spring.' The word is derived from OE  sceācere , 'robber.'

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