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Weltmore Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Littleport

Historical Forms

  • Welpingmor 1251 ElyCouch 1277 Ely
  • Welpmor 1306 ElyCouch t.Hy5 Fleet
  • Whelpmore 1334 ElyCouch 1609 AddCh
  • Whelpyngmore 1556 Ct


Weltmore Fm is Welpingmor 1251ElyCouch , 1277Ely , Welpmor 1306ElyCouch , t. Hy 5 Fleet, Whelpmore 1334ElyCouch , 1609AddCh , Whelpyngmore 1556Ct . The forms in W (h )elping - make derivation from a personal name Hwelp more likely than derivation from OE  hwelp , 'cub,' hence 'Hwelp 's marsh,' v. mōr . Cf. Kirkwhelpington (PN NbDu 129). For the possibility of a native English name Hwelp cf. Feilitzen 297s. n. Hvelpr and Tengstrand 367, s. n. Uuelp .