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Camel Drove

Early-attested site in the Parish of Littleport


Camel Drove (6″). Cf. Camhale 1251ElyCouch , 15thElyM , Camhalle t. Hy 3WMP , Camoll loode 1563SewersD , Cammalle c. 1600BadesladeA , Cammell Load 1617SewersD . It is difficult to suggest any satisfactory etymology for this name. The second element is clearly healh , 'nook, corner.' The first is perhaps cam , 'crooked.' If so, the word must, as suggested in NED (s. v .), have been loaned from British into popular speech at a much earlier date than any independent record suggests. Cf. Camel Gate in Spalding (L), Camellgate 1526Terr .