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Major Settlement in the Parish of Bignor

Historical Forms

  • Bigeneure 1086 DB
  • By(g)geneu(e)re, Biggeneu(e)re 1249 FF 1398 Cicestr
  • Begenoura 1166 P
  • Bygenore 1284 Ipm
  • Biggenoure, Bygenoure 1309 Perc 1349 Ipm
  • Bygeneuere al. Bykeneuere 1314 Ipm
  • Bygenevere al. Bignore 1397 IpmR


No OE  name Bicga is known but Bica is well-established, so that possibly this is 'Bica's slope' (v. yfre ) with early voicing of c to g before n . For other evidence of such a change v. Bragenham (PN Bk 83). One form with k is found in the 14th cent.

Places in the same Parish

Early-attested site