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Early-attested site in the Parish of Tatsfield

Historical Forms

  • Lovestedesdoune 1402 SACiii
  • Lovested 1545 LP
  • Loffested, Lofested 1552 Gresham
  • Lousteddoune 1561 SACvi
  • Lustead 1819 O.S.


Lusted is Lovestedesdoune 1402 SAC iii, Lovested 1545 LP, Loffested , Lofested 1552 Gresham, Lousteddoune 1561 SAC vi, Lustead 1819 O.S. This seems to be a compound of OE  lufu , 'love' and stede, hence 'place of love'; cf. the numerous Love Lanes. Lusted Farm is actually just in Kent, but a large part of the estate lies in Surrey (VCH iv, 328).