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Launder's Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Watlington

Historical Forms

  • Lauenora c.1250 Os
  • Lauenore c.1270 Os
  • Lawners 1506–7 CourtR
  • (wood called) Venours and Lauenours 1508–9 Rental
  • Benours alias Lavenours 1522–3 Rental
  • Lauenours 1522–3 AugmOff


Launder's Fm takes name from Lauenora c. 1250 Os, Lauenore c. 1270 Os, Lawners 1506–7CourtR , (wood called ) Venours and Lauenours 1508–9Rental , Benours alias Lavenours 1522–3Rental , Lauenours 1522–3AugmOff . Cf. Lauenoredene c. 1270 Os, to which denu has been added. 'Lāfa 's slope,' v. ōra and cf. PN Bk 9.