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Ingham Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Watlington

Historical Forms

  • Ingham 1050–2 KCD950 13th CourtR 1385–6
  • Ingam c.1605 Survey
  • Adingeham 1086 DB
  • Incghæma gemære 887 BCS547 11th


The name is also referred to in the phrase Incghæma gemære 887 (11th) BCS 547, v. hǣme , (ge)mǣre. Ingham Lane is mentioned early 18th ParColl and 1815EnclA . The second element of the name is hām . The first is obscure, and no definite suggestion can be offered.There is a group of names in Ginge , Inge in Essex (PN Ess 258–9), which may contain a folk-name with OE  , 'district,' as first element.A number of forms for these names have no G -, but of course there is no sign of the semi-vowel at all in the forms for the Oxfordshire name. The forms for Ingon Grange (PN Wa 233–4) should also be compared, and Ekwall (DEPN) suggests that the Wa and O names and Inkpen in Berks contain an unrecorded OE word meaning 'hill, peak.' v. Introduction xviii.