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Elmsley Lodge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Rufford

Historical Forms

  • Immeslowe 1335 For
  • king's lodge of Immeslowe 1474,1486 Pat
  • lodge of Immeslowe 1519 LP
  • Ymmeslowe 1393 AddCh
  • Immesloe Railes 1609 LRMB
  • Kyngges Ymmislow, Abotte ymislow t.Ed3 Map
  • Abbottes Hymmyslowe c.1450 ForBk
  • lodge of Emmeslowe 1484 Pat
  • Emsly Raile 1635 Map
  • Emslay Raile 1662 ParReg
  • Emlay Rayle 1665 ib
  • Hemsley Lodge 1650 ParlSurv


As suggested by Professor Ekwall, Immeslowe derives probably from OE  Immeshlāw , 'Immi 's barrow,' from the personal name *Immi , a by-form of the recorded Immin . Kyngges Ymmislow in the Edward 3 map is adjacent to the hill called Redestal .These two hills are probably to be identified respectively with Strawberry Hill and Ratcher Hill in Mansfield (infra 127, 126).Abotte ymislow is not marked as a separate hill on the Edward 3 map but probably formed part of the present Strawberry Hill, one side of the hill belonging at that time to the king and the other to the Abbot of Rufford; there are still stones on the hill marking the boundary between the two estates.