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Early-attested site in the Parish of Caunton

Historical Forms

  • Torpa c.1150 Dane
  • Middelthorp' 1260 FF 1327 Banco
  • Middelthorp' juxta Calneton 1327 FF
  • Medylthorppe, Medilthorppe 13th WhiteBk
  • Medilthorp 1364 Cor
  • Medlethorpe 1535 VE


Middlethorpe is Torpa c. 1150 Dane, Middelthorp '1260FF , 1327 Banco, Middelthorp ' juxta Calneton 1327FF , Medylthorppe , Medilthorppe 13thWhiteBk , Medilthorp 1364Cor , Medlethorpe 1535 VE. Originally simply 'thorp,' 'outlying or dependent settlement,' v. þorp . Later distinguished as 'middle,' possibly because it lay between Knapthorpe and Dean Hall. Some of the ME  spellings show the influence of the cognate Scandinavian meðal .

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