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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bleasby

Historical Forms

  • Sofertune (sic) 958 YChii 14th
  • Goverton c.1200 Thurgarton 1230 Pat 1236,1281 FF 1280 Ass 1302 FA 1318 Ipm
  • Gouirton 1332 SR
  • Govereton 1287 For
  • Guverton 1287,1301,1302 Ass 1301 FF
  • Gourton 1362,1440 IpmR 1482 FF t.Jas1 ECP
  • Gowrton 1549 FF
  • Goyrton 1542 LP
  • Gorton 1597 FF c.1600 Wollaton
  • Gorton al. Goverton 1609 Recov
  • Goarton 1607 Thoresby


The first element in Goverton may perhaps be the OE  personal name Godfrith , influenced possibly by the corresponding OScand  Guthfrith . Guthferth is a regular weakened form of Guthfrith , and 'Godfrith 's tun' or 'Guthfrith 's tun' would doubtless develop very early to Goverton or Guverton . For the development of the first element cf. Wiverton infra 230. This seems more probable than Ekwall's suggestion (DEPN) that the first element is gor-ford , 'muddy ford.' Absorption of th before f (v ) seems more probable than loss of r before f . For the nominative form in place of the more usual genitive form of a personal name in a place-name compound, cf. Edwalton, Egmanton, Wollaton, etc., in this county.

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