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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bleasby

Historical Forms

  • Gypesmere 958 BCS1029 14th FF 1311
  • Gipesmare 1086 DB
  • Gyppesmer(e) 1280,1287 Ass 1301 FF 1302 FA
  • Gippesmer(e) 1280 Ass 1284 Cl 1300 Ebor
  • aquam de Gippesmer(e) 1330 Ass
  • Gipsmere 1325 FF 1346 FA
  • Gibsmere 1390 Pat 1649 FF
  • Gipsmere al. Gibsmere 1684 Recov
  • Gybbesmere 1542 LP


The first element in this name is clearly the personal name Gippe , Gip , Giphe found in the Danelaw in the 12th century.Hence 'Gippe 's mere.' Ekwall takes this name to come from OE  *Gyppi , related to OE  Guppa ; but as the name, though common in the Danelaw, does not appear to be found outside that region, a Scandinavian origin seems more probable. Cf. ON  Gípr (LindB).

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