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Sneedham's Green

Early-attested site in the Parish of Upton St Leonards

Historical Forms

  • Snedham c.1210 GlR 1248 Ass 1261 GlChvi,2 1616 Dep
  • Senedhame 1220–30 Berk
  • Snedeham 1434 GlChvi,1 1542 LP
  • Sneadham 1629 Inq


Sneedham's Green, Snedham c. 1210 GlR, 1248Ass , 1261GlCh vi, 2et passim to 1616Dep , Senedhame 1220–30 Berk, Snedeham 1434GlCh vi, 1, 1542 LP, Sneadham 1629 Inq. 'Homestead or meadow on the detached piece of land' (possibly one isolated from the main settlement), v. snǣd , hām , hamm . The place is in the extreme west of the parish. Cf. Sneyd Park, Sneyd Wood (iii, 143, 219 infra ).