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Early-attested site in the Parish of Upton St Leonards

Historical Forms

  • Pynecote, Pynekott c.1220 GlR 1609 GR134
  • Pinnecote c.1250 GlChi,16 1267 Glouc
  • Pynicote 1321 FF
  • Pyncot 1322 Ext


Pincott, Pynecote , Pynekott c. 1220 GlR (p), 1609GR 134, Pinnecote c. 1250GlCh i, 16(p), 1267 Glouc, Pynicote 1321FF , Pyncot 1322Ext (p). 'Pinna's cottage', v. cot . An OE  pers.n. Pinna is found in Pinton (Wo 334) and other p.ns. (cf. also OE Pinn in Feilitzen 344).