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Rhydleford, Riddlestreet

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hinton

Historical Forms

  • Ridlesford 1606,1618 FF
  • Rhydleford 1830 M
  • Ridlesett (sic) 1633 FF


Rhydleford (lost), Riddlestreet, Ridlesford 1606, 1618FF , Rhydleford 1830 M, Ridlesett (sic)1633FF . Riddlestreet is on the road running south from Purton, and Rhydleford was where this road crossed a stream near Pockington Fm. The first el. may be an OE  ridel 'rider' (which occurs only in the compound forridel , ME  vorridel , 'fore-rider'). 'Ford and road of the rider', v. ford , strǣt .