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Pockington, Pockham Moor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hinton

Historical Forms

  • Poc(h)amton(e) 1200 Berk 1309 Inq
  • Pochampton 1287 Ass
  • Pokamore 1417 IpmR
  • Pokemore 1516 MinAcct
  • Pocamhill, Puckhammore 1575 TRMB
  • Pocham hill, Pocham more c.1580 LRMB
  • Puckham Moore 1584 Comm
  • Pockham moor 1839 TA


Pockington, Pockham Moor (lost), Poc (h )amton (e )1200 Berk, 1309 Inq. aqd, Pochampton 1287Ass , Pockington 1824 and Pokamore 1417 IpmR, Pokemore 1516MinAcct , Pocamhill , Puckhammore 1575TRMB , Pocham hill , Pocham more c. 1580LRMB , Puckham Moore 1584Comm , Pockham moor 1839TA . The first el. is a p.n. Poc-hamm which means either 'Poca's water-meadow' (from an OE  pers.n. Poca suggested for Pockley YN 72) or possibly 'frog-infested water-meadow' (from an OE  poc (c )e cognate with MLG  pogge 'frog', proposed by Ekwall for Polebrook Nth 370). v. hamm , tūn 'farmstead', mōr 'marsh'.