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Armoury Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Bergholt

Historical Forms

  • Almerey Land 1468 Dugdiv
  • the Amer(e)y, le Amer(e)y 1534 Rental t.Eliz Survey
  • le Almery(e) land(e)s, le Almery(e) ground(e) 1544 LP
  • the Ambrey Lande 1575 Rental
  • Almarye land 1585 ib
  • farm called Amerie 1591–6 ChancP


Armoury Fm is Almerey Land 1468 Dugd iv, the Amer (e )y , le Amer (e )y 1534Rental , t. ElizSurvey , le Almery (e ) land (e )s , le Almery (e ) ground (e )1544 LP, the Ambrey Lande 1575Rental , Almarye land 1585 ib., farm called Amerie 1591–6 ChancP. This is OFr  au (l )mosnerie .The estate formerly belonged to St John's Abbey, Colchester, and these lands doubtless formed part of the endowment of the almonry. Cf. Harmony infra 422, Amery Court (PN K 491), Leuewynesamery in Nazeing (1277 QW) and Almerelond in Stisted (1400Ct ), respectively part of the possessions of Waltham Abbey and Christchurch, Canterbury, Alm'ners (PN Sr 107), Almry or Ambry Close in Westminster (earlier Almonry , Almery ), Amery lande (Mitcham, Sr) 1538 Merton, the Ambrye Orcharde , Ambrye Meade (Barton, So)1547 Pat, Almery Woode (Leeds, K) 1550 ib., le Almerie , le Amerye (Winchcombe, Gl) 1551 ib.Cf. also Ampers Wick supra 348.